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Welcome to Willorill Kennels

We are a medium size, family owned and operated boarding kennel for dogs located in a quiet country setting in Berks County near Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. We have been in operation within the same family since 1961 and can accommodate up to 30 dogs at a time.

In order to help keep your dog happy and healthy while they are in our care we provide heated and air-conditioned comfort within our facility. Our kennel is also equipped with a Healthy Air dehumidification, ventilation air filtration system that insures that the air in our kennel is always fresh and clean. The Healthy Air system provides eight complete fresh air exchanges over a twenty- four-hour period. It also filters the air in the kennel as well as the outside air that is used for the fresh air exchange process. The Healthy Air system also keeps the humidity level in the kennel below fifty percent, which is crucial in controlling the spread of airborne pathogens such as bordetella (kennel cough). The lower humidity also aids in the quick drying of the floors after cleaning, which keeps the dogs more comfortable, clean and dry.

To further insure that the air your dog breaths during his or her stay with us is healthy, we have also installed a Ductworx Air Purification unit within our facilities heating and air conditioning ducts. We have implemented these systems in our kennel in the interest of keeping all of our canine friends happy, healthy and comfortable during their visit with us.

Music is played 24 hours a day for their listening pleasure. You may bring your choice of food, or we can provide your dog with our kennels brand of choice which is, Artemis a natural holistic type of food which is sure to please your pet during their visit with us. You may also bring your dogs bed and his or her favorite toy to make their vacation with us more enjoyable. Daily walks on our two-acre premises are available as well as individual playtime in our outdoor play areas to make your dog feel more at home while you are enjoying your vacation. You are more than welcome to visit our facility before boarding your beloved companion with us.

Why Choose Us?

You may be interested in knowing that our Kennel ...

    • Has been in business since 1961
    • Has owners residing on property
    • Has heated & air conditioned comfort
    • Has a Healthy Air system in operation 24 hours a day more information
    • Has a Ductworx Air Purification system in operation 24 hours a day
    • Has "Kennel Deck" resting platforms that are provided for your pets comfort
    • Has indoor/outdoor runs
    • Welcomes previews
    • Requires vaccinations
    • Is in a quiet country setting
    • Does not charge extra for administering medicines
    • Has daily walks available
    • Is protected by a 24 hour, central station monitored automatic fire and carbon monoxide alarm system
    • Has been licensed and inspected regularly by the "Pennsylvania Bureau Of Dog Law Enforcement"