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Artemis Dog Food

  • Willorill Kennels recommends and sells Artemis brand dog food a holistic approach to pet care for the following reasons:
  • All Artemis dog food is made with hormone free human grade protein selected from FDA approved plants. All natural Artemis food does not contain any chemicals, preservatives, artificial additives or by products. Its nutrient profile and palatability is superior. There is no hidden secret they simply use the highest quality ingredients in optimal proportions.
  • Seven protein sources, fresh chicken and turkey as well as chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal, fish meal and eggs provide the complete amino acid profile.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables potatoes, carrots, peas, apples and cranberries replace hard to digest grains and add natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Select herbs promote wellness, reduce body and waste odor and aid the gastrointestinal tract to absorb the nutrients.
  • Custom vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and balanced levels of omega 3 and 6 make nutrients more bio-available and are essential for overall health.
  • The following ten skin and coat conditioners are contained in Artemis dog food, chicken fat, fish meal, flaxseed, canola oil, lecithin, kelp, rosemary extract, sage, vitamin E, and biotin.
  • We have for sale all Artemis dry food as well as canned wet food and lamb and rice rolls, which are great for treats or to use for training rewards.
  • Willorill Kennels has been in the kennel business within the same family for over forty years and this is by far the best dog food on the market today. If it wasn’t we would not recommend it to our customers.

The following listing does not include the cost of packaging and shipping. Please contact us to get a total price and to place your order.

Items Currently For Sale
1 Small breed adult 4 lbs $15.50
2 Small breed adult 15 lbs $38.00
3 Small breed adult 30 lbs $48.50
4 Small breed puppy 15 lbs $31.00
5 Small breed puppy 30 lbs $49.75
6 Adult Dog 15 lbs $30.00
7 Adult Dog 30 lbs $49.50
8 Weight Management 15 lbs $30.00
9 Weight Management 30 lbs $47.50
10 Large/Medium puppy 15 lbs $30.00
11 Large/Medium puppy 33 lbs $48.50
12 Holistic Lamb Roll 0.8 lbs $3.25
13 Holistic Lamb Canned 19.5 lbs $35.50
14 Holistic Beef Canned 19.5 lbs $35.50
15 Holistic Chicken Canned 19.5 lbs $35.50
16 Small breed senior formula 15 lbs $30.00
17 Small breed senior formula 30 lbs $48.00
18 Medium / Large breed senior formula 15 lbs $30.00
19 Medium / Large breed senior formula 30 lbs $30.00